Nintendo has updated their homepage with the announcement of the Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017, going live on January 12th at 8pm. The briefing, which should include information regarding pricing and launch lineup, will be broadcasted live across YouTube and Twitch, as well as on Nintendo’s homepage.

Regarding the Switch’s launch lineup, that information remains a total mystery. While a series of convincing pranks faked out the Internet just after the New Year, Nintendo has been tight-lipped on what we can expect to play this March. As for pricing, rumors have been circulating around for a while about a potential $250 price tag, with a bigger storage version at $300. Hopefully, we’ll have all this information and more provided to us by the big wigs at Nintendo next week.

What are you hoping to see come out of Nintendo’s Switch Presentation? What kinds of games do you want to play most on the go; Skyrim, perhaps? Or maybe a new Mario Kart to play with friends? Who knows, maybe we’ll even be so lucky as to get our hands on Breath of the Wild… Only time will tell!