Still preoccupied with 1985

Who here remembers plug-and-play video games? You know the ones. They’d litter “As Seen on TV” stores, promising all the great classic games that you remembered from your childhood, like Pac-Man and…uh…Boscoman, I guess? They’d have a few games that were actually well-known (or even known at all), and the rest would just be filler made up of games that either never really got popular or that were cheap enough to license. You might see a brand name every now and again like Namco or Sega, but quality over quantity was never really the focus. They’re still around, but the idea of a simple plug-and-play video game system has more or less fallen out of fashion.

Well, until now.

Today, Nintendo unveiled the NES Classic Edition, a half-sized replica of the original NES with HDMI/HD TV input and thirty games pre-installed. While it doesn’t have a cartridge slot (so you can’t boot up your vintage copy of Bible Adventures), it does have plenty of solid games in its line-up. These range from arcade hits like Galaga to RPGs like the original Final Fantasy to even simulator games like StarTropics, along with their usual mainstays like Mario, Zelda, and Donkey Kong. The console comes with an old-style NES controller, with any extras costing $9.99 a pop, but the games can also be played with any of the Wii/Wii U’s classic controllers (and the NES controller can be attached to a Wiimote for use with Virtual Console games). The console also features pause/save states for the different games, so progress won’t be lost if you have to go punch a wall while playing Ghosts’N Goblins (and trust me, you will).

I’m not gonna lie, this is actually pretty cool. While I’ve used emulators for classic games in the past, it just never really felt right playing something Super Mario Bros. with a keyboard, and while the Virtual Console is cool, it just doesn’t offer the same experience as playing with an original NES controller. This seems like a pretty cool option for people to get back into playing some good retro games, and a neat way to share these games with anyone who hasn’t experienced them before.

So, we’re getting a Power Glove Classic Controller, right?

The NES Classic Edition hits shelves November 11, 2016 for $59.99.

Source: Nintendo, Business Wire Press Release