Ask not for whom the bell tolls-it tolls for Wii (U).

Is 2016 the year the Nintendo calls it quits on the Wii U? The prominent Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei sure seems to think so.

According to Serkan Toto, a game industry consultant and analyst in charge of the company Kantan Games, Inc., Nikkei’s latest report on the Nintendo claims that the company is planning to cease production on all Wii U consoles within the year so they can focus on their upcoming NX console. In addition to that, some unspecified Wii U accessories have supposedly already been discontinued in preparation for the system’s end.

Shortly after his initial posts, Toto clarified that the report doesn’t give a solid yes or no to the NX coming out this year, or that production of Wii U software is coming to an end alongside the console, but that a reveal for the NX is on the horizon.

Before you start looking up the trade-in value for your Wii U, this is still just a rumor until Nintendo confirms any of the above points. Nikkei has a strong track record when it comes to their rumors, though, so time will tell if this report continues their streak.

Source: NikkeiSerkan Toto