One of the most anticipated Action Game ” Nier: Automata ” is looking up to be one of 2017’s best game.

The devs of “Nier: Automata” want to give the players a great action RPG where the weapons you wield will actually feel like as they should, hitting enemies with heavy attacks and feeling the full weight of the weapon. Automata is a sequel to the original game for the ps3 and Xbox360 called ” Nier ” a difficult game but very memorable game that was released in 2010.

After playing the demo it didn’t give much story away, besides the small bits of dialog, mentioning about the old world and chatting with the 2nd character that travels with you.

Combat in Nier Automata feels very fast and fluid which is always a good thing but what makes the combat so amazing is how it constantly changes. The camera changes from a top-down view to a side view which makes it feel like you are playing a side scroller/beat’em up game!

Definitely take the time when you can to play this amazing demo! A must have for action fans!