An Intriguing Mix of Dark Souls and Geralt of Rivia

A playable Alpha demo for the upcoming dark-fantasy RPG, Ni-Oh, will be available on April 26th.  As I stated in my preview, Ni-Oh looks like a fantastic mix of Dark Souls combat, a Geralt type protagonist, and Bloodborne style setting.  On April 26th, you can experience this PS4 exclusive first-hand and see if it’s been worth the ten year wait.

“Ten years have passed since Nioh was originally announced. Even during all that time though, gamers would always ask about it at events like E3 and Gamescom. We always felt support from the gamers around the world for this title.

“Now, finally, Nioh — a game created with the entire power of Koei Tecmo — will be released in 2016. In appreciation to all the fans who have waited so long, and in order to have gamers everywhere try Nioh as soon as possible, we will release the Alpha Demo this month. We hope you enjoy overcoming the challenges in this masocore take on samurai action — Nioh.”
–Kou Shibusawa, General Producer

Players who clear the stage in the Alpha demo will we able to download the Mark of the Conqueror DLC.  This will entitle you to a special DLC within the game.  The demo will only be available from April 26th through March 5th.  Check out the gameplay trailer and announcement below.