Time to Make Patton Proud

Remember when military shooters used to only be about World War II? I must have stormed the banks of Normandy a dozen times on my PC growing up.  Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Medal of Honor made the Nazis pay for their crimes with game after game of righteous Allies destroying evil Nazis.  But for the last decade, World War II has been largely forgotten. Call of Duty has abandoned Hitler to focus on evil private military corporations and out of control technology.  Battlefield follows suit blindly, while Medal of Honor has faded into obscurity.

battalion 1944 kickstarter

But apparently Bulkhead, a UK studio, remembers the glory days of first person military shooters, and wants to bring it back.  Battalion 1944 is a multiplayer first person shooter that will allow players to use classic World War II weapons, such as the Thompson and M1 Garand, and classic battlefields, such as Carentan.  For more information and screenshots, click here.