Announced at PAX East 2017, a sequel to Steven Universe Attack the Light, the mobile RPG based off the cartoon franchise, will be coming this summer. GrumpyFace Studios and Cartoon Network Games are coming together, once again, to create a follow-up game called Steven universe: Save the Light and (unlike the original) this game will be for consoles—not mobile. The premise is as follows

“When a mysterious warrior arrives at Beach city and steals a powerful weapon, it’s up to the crystal gems to go and embark on a magical adventure to stop the Prism thief in order to Save the Light.”

Cartoon Network Games’ recently unveiled gameplay footage that shows off several of the 8 playable characters. The video highlights Steven, Greg Universe, Connie, and Amethyst all battling monsters.

As of now, we know GrumpyFace Studios and Cartoon Network Games will be launching Steven Universe: Save the Light on the Playstation 4 but no other consoles, nor a hard release date, has been confirmed. Still, Steven Universe fans are really excited for this sequel.