The #SimsNewsDraught has broken and EA has released a video teaser about their upcoming content. Players have been speculating for months what the new game pack (The Sims 4 equivalent of its predecessor’s expansions) will be about, and it turns out their assumptions of a restaruant pack are true.

It’s yet to be known what additional features will be included in the pack, but it seems that the Sims dev team are trying to deliver on more realistic, in-depth activities for Sims that players have been asking for.

Also included in the first trailer – released by The Sims Latin America – is a kids-themed stuff pack. Although not much is known yet, it is possible that this pack could bring along one of the most highly requested features that The Sims 4 has lacked since launch: toddlers.

More info to come, but it’s safe to say that Simmers will be able to look forward to plenty new new content over the coming months, including new free DLC that EA will be releasing alongside its paid content.