Overwatch’s 24th Hero has been revealed in today’s Blizzard Developer Update. Named Orisa, the new Omnic tank character was built by Efi Oladele, the 11-year-old Numbani mechanical engineering prodigy, in an effort to stop Doomfist after he laid waste to Orisa’s OR-15 counterparts.

Her primary weapon is a “Fusion Driver,” a “projectile-based machinegun.” While inhibiting her speed when firing, the weapon is supposed to have the longest range of any tank hero. The alternate fire is essentially a one-off version of Zarya’s Gravitron ultimate ability; you fire out a single projectile, activating it manually to bring any affected targets into its vicinity for an incredibly short duration.

Orisa also has another tank ability called “Fortify,” which not only buffs her health but also immunizes her from any sort of crowd control ability (think Pharah’s concussive blast). Additionally, she also totes a protective barrier. Similar to Winston’s bubble shield, it takes up a smaller amount of space but can be set up anywhere the player desires.

As for her ultimate ability, Orisa removes the drum-like item on her back and throws it on the ground. This “Supercharger” buffs damage for any team member in its line-of-sight, however is susceptible to enemy fire.

Overall, personally I believe that Orisa will be a very welcome addition to the Overwatch roster, and looks like she’s going to seriously change up the game’s meta. Check out the whole developer update below.

So what do you think of Orisa? Excited to see a new tank character, or were you hoping for a different class? How do you think her powers and abilities will shake up the current Overwatch meta? Let us know in the comments!