A new teaser has been released showing off some in-game combat of Mass Effect Andromeda, the highly-anticipated next installment in Bioware’s lauded sci-fi series. The trailer shows off not just some slick third-person combat, but also gives us a look at Ryder’s adaptable class and skill tree system.

While the combat is certainly looking to be the best in the series so far, many speculating fans have cried out against doing away with the structured class system, claiming the ability to change your skillset on the go will nullify any consequences the player will face. It’s a legitimate concern, as sticking to the original class you chose in the previous titles often shaped your experience. However, Bioware is one of the best developers around in punishing players based on their actions, so it remains to be seen how the adaptable skill system will affect the overall experience when the game launches on March 21st.