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Should you take this mission request, I have a couple of questions to ask you:

Do you like going on space adventures? Do you like blowing things up? If you said yes to either or both of these questions then this bundle is for you! Check out the new Humble Bundle ” Intergalactic Bundle”.

  • For $1: Space Hulk Ascension, Sins of Solar Empire: Trinity and Galactic Civilization II: Ultimate        Edition.
  • For $5: Planetary Annihilation: Titans and Rebel Galaxy
  • For $15: Galactic Civilization III and Offworld Trading Company
  • Bonuses: Humble Monthly 10% off for New Subscribers! 

Get a Free Copy of Galactic Civilization I for Free!

From what most people have said when buying this bundle ” You are getting a very good deal with this because GalCiv III ($29.99) is double the cost of the full bundle including Offworld Trading Company ( 39.99) is even higher. Doing this also helps the Challenger Center for Space Science Education and Direct Relief. This Humble Bundle is available until April 25th.