Blizzard Entertainment has recently shown their new character for Heroes of the storm (HotS) and he will be available to play on the PT realm on March 6, 2017.

And his name is Probius. People that are familiar with the probe units from StarCraft 2 (SC2) and their functions will know exactly what to expect from Probius. Probes in SC2 gather the resources, gather structures, and create other units. They are very important to their teammates and allies and Probius is bringing that same support to the Nexus!

Here is an example of what probe units in StarCraft can do:

Blizzard has been known to put certain characters from their games into Heroes of the Storm: Zarya and Lucio from Overwatch, The butcher from Diablo III, etc. So it’s no surprise that Blizzard would add a character as small as a drone from one of StarCraft II Units amongst the company’s biggest champions and heroes!