More Pokemon Sun and Moon news is upon us, so let’s get right into it, shall we?



The first thing we see are the Alolan Forms, which are Pokemon that have adapted to living in the Alola region, and have thus changed shape or type! A few of these Pokemon were revealed today:


First up is the Pokemon Exeggutor, which gains the Dragon typing and the ability Frisk in the Alola region.
Alolan people boast that this form of Exeggutor is the “true” form of Exeggutor, which has taken this form due to the region being warm and sunny all year round. This form of Exeggutor actually boasts a fourth head on its tail, which protects it from attackers who try to surprise it from behind.

Next up are these cool beauties, the Alolan versions of Vulpix and Ninetales. These normally Fire-type foxes are now sporting the chilly Ice type, with Ninetales having a Fairy typing tacked on at its evolution. These two get the ability Snow Cloak. It’s said that Vulpix migrated to Alola with humans, and took on its Ice form to adapt to colder mountain temperatures. They live in packs of about two to five individuals, helping each other survive.

Sandshrew and Sandslash might have originally been born and bred in deserts, but not so for the Alola region. These Pokemon were subject to the harsh eruptions of nearby volcanoes, and so decided to abandon the desert and make their way to the snowy mountains where they adapted into the Ice/Steel type. They also have the ability Snow Cloak. Alolan Sandshrew are a lot heavier than normal Sandshrew, due to their size and the weight of the ice they carry on their backs, but their steel claws prevent them from slipping on ice. Meanwhile, it is said that the snow that Alolan Sandslash kick up during movement are so beautiful, tourists and photographers from all around will flock to the snowy peaks to see it. However, it’s important to note that climbing the mountains is forbidden without permission, as it poses danger of being stranded, so the sight is very rare to catch.


From pre-evolutions to entire new lines, there were quite a few new Pokemon announced in this trailer as well:

Fomantis and Lurantis are both new Grass-type Pokemon with the ability Leaf Guard. Fomantis is a nocturnal Pokemon that makes sure to never stay in one place for fear of being eaten. As soon as the sun sets, it searches for a new place to sleep. It excels at using long-range moves. Its evolved form, Lurantis, is considered to be the most beautiful of all grass Pokemon due to its elegant moves and striking coloration. It has little patience for a lazy trainer who doesn’t take the time to groom it. Lurantis learns the new move Solar Blade, which requires energy from the sun on its first turn and then a very strong blade unleashes that can chop even rocks in two!

Minior is a Rock/Flying Pokemon that has a new ability — Shields Down. Shields Down allows Minior to take less damage from attacks until it hits half its HP, upon which its rocky coating will break and turn it into a much squishier Pokemon. But Minior without its shields is far from useless; it becomes lighter and can dish out attacks much faster.

Gumshoos, the evolved form of Yungoos, is a tenacious ol’ thing that reminds us a lot of a certain presidential candidate. Gumshoos stalks its prey really late into the night, only stopping when it falls asleep on itself. This Pokemon, unlike Yungoos, is never hungry, and can go very long periods of time without eating.

Mudbray is the unevolved form of Mudsdale, being a small Ground-type donkey-like Pokemon. Like Mudsdale, it is able to have the abilities Stamina, and Own Tempo. A very easygoing Pokemon, it is said that this Pokemon will love and obey you as long as you are able to provide mud for it to play in one way or another.

The new Oricorio changes forms depending which of the four islands of Alola it resides. These forms cause its typing to change as well. The Baile form (top left) is a very passionate Fire/Flying type Pokemon. Its power fills its body while it dances. The Pom-Pom form (top right) is a very cheerful Electric/Flying type that cheers on its Trainers and fellow Pokemon. The Pa’U form (bottom right) is a very Erratic Psychic/Flying type that moves at its own pace and can be difficult to deal with. And the very quiet Sensu form (bottom left) is a calm and collected Ghost/Flying type that borrows the powers of nearby spirits to fight. These new forms all have the ability Dancer, which is a new ability that allows Oricorio to copy and use the opponents moves that include the word “Dance” when the opponent uses them. They all gain the attack Revelation Dance, which changes type depending on what form Oricorio is taking.



This new feature allows you to call upon Pokemon along your journey to ride on. Whether it be a Charizard to take to the skies, a Sharpedo to surf and break sharp rocks, or a Mudsdale to get through tough terrain, these Pokemon can be called upon to get you through tough situations. Does this mean that Trainers will no longer need to teach HMs to their Pokemon to get past tough areas? Stay tuned!


Each of the four islands has a Trial Captain, which will put you through an Island Trial in order to become the Island Trial Champion. And at the end of each of the trials, a Totem Pokemon awaits to battle you! These Pokemon are very strong, and can all upon allies to fight alongside them during battle. These Pokemon often have special properties that allow their stats to rise!


And finally, the new Z-Moves! These new attacks are powered by the special crystals your trainer possesses in the bracelet on their wrist. The Z-Moves can only be used once per battle. Z-Moves exist for every type, changing depending on the type of the Pokemon you have active. If a Trainer and a Pokemon hold the same type of Z-Crystal, they use their power to perform mightily and use very strong Z-Moves!


Well, there you have it! What do you think about the new Alolan Pokemon? Or Z-Moves? Stay tuned for more Pokemon Sun and Moon news as it comes!

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Photo credit:, The Pokemon Company International