One week before it’s February 9th release date, Campo Santo has released four mini-trailers for it’s highly anticipated first person adventure game, Firewatch.  Although little has been revealed about the plot or gameplay (besides walking), Firewatch has many gamers abuzz.

The short trailers seem to be at the beginning of the game and focus on the budding connection between Delilah and the player character, Henry.  The duo have wonderful chemistry, and their dialogue seems realistic and genuine.  My favorite exchange is their banter about what to name the dangerous shale slide that Henry is forced to shimmy down.


The visuals are astonishing.  Campo Santo successfully creates a style akin to Telltale’s games painted aesthetic, but significantly better.  The colors are vibrant, especially the reds and oranges.  Even if the game ends up becoming another walking simulator, such as Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture or Gone HomeFirewatch at least will have a beautiful environment to explore.

Again, these trailers reveal next to nothing about what you actually do within the game.  But twenty dollars is a small risk for a game that has a great deal of talent behind it, a beautiful and immersive world, and an intriguing story.