The Darkness has Spread

Recently, Bandai Namco leaked several intriguing screenshots of their upcoming FromSoftware game, Dark Souls III.  If you haven’t seen them already, check out the gallery below.

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The screenshots and concept art reveal a great deal about Dark Souls III.  Several enemies are showcased, such as the female wax guardians, and the ash cleric-beast like monster.  Some NPCs are shown such as the Cleric and the Knight.  The player-character is seen several times, either as a knight, pyromancer, or sorcerer.  Finally, the screenshot of the boss that’s fighting the player character, is your tutorial boss.

The screenshots draw some parallels to the first two games.  The tutorial boss is reminiscent of the Asylum Demon from Dark Souls.  Also, there is a female Firekeeper and pyromancy is referred to as primitive magic, both similar to Dark Souls.

There was also brand new gameplay featured.  The gameplay is similar to Bloodborne because of the speed and enemies hiding in shadows waiting to attack you when you think you’re safe.  A new weapon and it’s sword art  are on display, fighting a horrendous tree boss.

For the new gameplay and fantastic lore predictions, watch the excellent video below.