Kitty got wet!

Yeah, you read that correctly. “Kitty got wet!” One of Nathan Drake’s more interesting one liners, and one that helps bring into question the stability of Nathan Drake’s mindset. Sure, in video games, we generally adopt the role of a ‘hero’ who battles his/her way through countless foes, often ending their lives. And often we celebrate these heroes because they provide us with entertainment and humor, and, through all the cold blooded murder, tend to save the metaphorical day. Nathan Drake is no stranger to this collection of heroes, but he – and so many others – appear to boast some sociopathic characteristics.

Sociopath: a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. –

Okay, so applying this definition of a sociopath to Nathan Drake isn’t quite accurate. He doesn’t appear to be antisocial – after all, he’s much loved by his comrade Sully, his girlfriend Elena, and partners Chloe and Cutter. Drake does, however, commit many criminal offenses and often lacks a moral compass. Remember when Flynn convinced Drake to infiltrate the Turkish museum to find a potential clue to Marco Polo’s lost armada? Remember when Drake, in Golden Abyss, trespassed on private property and slew dozens of armed guards who were ultimately just doing their job? Or how about when Nathan was a child pickpocketing and stealing from food stalls, passersby, and, yes, even a museum in Uncharted 3?

Do we forgive Nathan his past transgressions because he has saved the lives of many over the course of his games?I would suggest that we don’t.

Let me interject here, for a moment, and profess my love for the Uncharted series. Writer Amy Hennig and developer Naughty Dog have created something truly special in this franchise. However, when you think about Drake’s heroics, you must also recall that he is the reason why the world is in danger in the first place. Drake is the catalyst. Don’t believe me? Who uncovered the mysteries leading to El Dorado? Drake, of course. And his intuition led Navarro to uncover its final resting spot. Remember, Navarro could not piece together the puzzle until Drake opened his eyes. Being “persuaded” to raid the Turkish Museum allowed Flynn to betray him (who didn’t see that coming?) He may have a bit of an excuse in Uncharted 3, but the point remains unchanged.

Let’s assume that we can forgive Drake for cleaning up the messes he helped create. Can we forgive the incessant slaughter that Drake partakes in almost routinely? I mean, sure – it is commonplace for Nate to find himself in a gun-for-your-life situation; that tends to be the bread and butter of the Uncharted franchise. And even in these situations, it’s hard to fault anyone required to take a life in the name of true self-preservation. However, this is not always the case with Drake. As I mentioned earlier, in Golden Abyss, Drake is trespassing and finds himself in shootouts with otherwise innocent guards. But even if every situation were justifiable, there’s one thing that Nathan Drake does that surely makes one question his sanity:Elena FisherHe quips witty one liners like he’s enjoying himself. In Uncharted 2, when you popped a soldier in the head, Drake would chuckle and say, “a shave and a haircut.” After violently beating down an enemy in Uncharted 3, as mentioned above, Drake shouts, “Kitty got wet!” Other kill shots elicit chortles or satisfaction out of Drake, which exhibits sociopathic or, even worse, psychopathic behavior.

Psychopath: a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as a moral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc. –

But hey, let’s assume that Drake’s murder-tastic attitude is somehow divinely forgiven for being a simple overdose of constant adrenaline. According to, a psychopath is someone who lacks the ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, has extreme egocentricity, and fails to learn from experience. Sorry, Drake – but I think you qualify as a psychopath. Let’s examine this statement backwards.Drake ChokeDrake’s failure to learn from experience is one of his biggest flaws. If it wasn’t, Uncharted would’ve been the alpha and omega of the franchise. Secondly, Mr. Drake is somewhat of an egocentric character. I mean, he always assumes that he needs to be the hero, and he always takes command of every situation he and his friends find themselves in because he believes he is the only one who can save them. Lastly, Nathan Drake has a serious lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships. Simply view one of the most recent Uncharted 4 trailers to see Drake’s marriage with Elena seemingly evaporate. Why? Because Drake is an addict and a psycho/sociopath.

We could roll around details of Drake’s mental instability for days. With Uncharted 4 finally released, all we can do now is hope that Nathan finds a peaceful end to his thieving ways – one that’s free of pain, suffering, stealing, and divorce. I know I’m excited and saddened to see Drake’s saga close, but it’ll be an interesting ride.