The re-imagining of a classic from the golden age of sports games is close to becoming a reality.

Digital Dreams’ spiritual successor to the 16 bit classic Mutant League Football, Mutant Football League,  has started a new Kickstarter campaign. This is the second crowdfunding campaign for this particular re-imagining of the over-the-top fantasy football game. The previous campaign failed in 2013 after raising $141,121 on a goal of $750,000. This new campaign has a goal of just $60,000.

Mutant Football League

For the uninitiated, the classic Mutant League Football was one of a few EA sports games  of the 90’s that took the popular formula of real world sports and went over the top with violence and let players wildly break the  rules of a given sport. This new game will be more in the vein of the later NFL Blitz games in terms of graphics but will stick to the formula of the wild and crazy violence in service of comedy.

Right now, the Mutant Football League Kickstarter campaign needs to raise about $22,000 in the next 31 days.