All right everyone! Let’s check out this new Pokemon Sun and Moon update! Looks like what we have was already covered in the CoroCoro leak, but there are a few missing pieces that we can’t wait to talk about!

First up, some new Pokemon!

Morelull is a Grass/Fairy type that has the abilities Illuminate or Effect Spore. They walk around their leg-like roots, because staying in one spot would suck up all the nutrients from the soil. They’re very considerate of the plants around them!

Pyukumuku is a Sea Cucumber Pokemon, with a plain old Water typing. This Pokemon, like a sea cucumber, is very unappealing to tourists, and is covered with a very viscous fluid that allows it to stay a whole week without drying out. It has fist-like organs that it uses if it feels threatened. With its new ability Innards Out, it uses those organs to deal damage equal to the last bit of damage it received during battle before being knocked out.

We also get more information on Wishiwashi, which has the ability Schooling. When Wishiwashi reaches a certain level, it is able to group and become more powerful. When these Pokemon’s eyes are glowing, even Gyarados know to flee the scene!

We also see some more information about the Alolan Pokemon announced in CoroCoro!

When the royal monarchy of Alola was in place, Pokemon like Meowth were given to them as pets. This caused these Pokemon to develop a prideful attitude, which is the cause of their change in form. They are now the Dark type with the abilities Pickup and Technician. Once the royal monarchy was destroyed, these Meowth became feral, and live around Alola freely.

As mentioned in our coverage of the CoroCoro leak, Alolan Marowak loses its Ground typing for Ghost/Fire, which allows it to protect itself from its natural predators, Grass-types. It receives the Cursed Body ability but retains its Lightning Rod — I guess not everything has to change! Living in Alola allowed Cubone and Marowak to become very close to their partners, developing a kind of sixth sense.

And now, the man of the hours, the cream of the crop, the Pokemon everyone has been talking about since its reveal — Alolan Raichu! This Pokemon retains its Electric typing with an added bonus: it now also sports a Psychic type as well! With its new ability Surge Surfer, Raichu is able to double its speed on Electric Terrain, which makes it a great partner for Pokemon like Tapu Koko! Researchers are actually not sure why Raichu developed the form that it did, leaving it shrouded in mystery. They suggest that perhaps it ate too many fluffy, round pancakes. And you are what you eat, huh?

Finally, we’re introduced to Guzma and his gang, Team Skull. They’re a bunch of thugs, going around the four islands of Alola stealing Pokemon and messing up the island challenges, but their true motives are currently unlclear. Guzma is very merciless with attacks, and doesn’t know when to quit during battles. He also seems to have something against Professor Kukui (how dare he). His second in command, Plumeria, isn’t quite as tough as she looks. Although she makes sure to keep the Grunts in line, she also makes sure to care for them. She’s seen as the “big sister” of Team Skull.

Well, TTFN, ta-ta for now! What do you think of all the new information we received! Things sure are looking good for November! Stay tuned, and we’ll see you next time!