Prepare to Roll

More Dark Souls III gameplay has been revealed thanks to From’s livestream.  The video showcases the thief class and emphasizes dodging and backstabbing.  It appears that the emphasis on speed and dodging from Bloodborne will carry over to Dark Sousl III.  Although the commentary is in Japanese, the video shows that Dark Souls III will be significantly more fast paced than its predecessors.   Along with the thief’s knife, the quick striking bow and arrow is shown off as well.


Dark Souls III will be released on April 12th, 2016.  You can preorder digitally through your PS4 or XBox One, as well as ordering physical copies from Amazon or other providers.  There are also some sweet collector’s editions if you’re an avid fan with money to spend.  How excited are you for Dark Souls III?  How much from Bloodborne do you want to see in Dark Souls III?  Let us know in the comments.