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With the impending release of the Spring 2018 free update for Monster Hunter World, Capcom unleashes its newest addition to the increasing roster of monsters to slay. The Deviljho enters into the fray, featuring a rather intimidating visage and skill set. As a large, two legged brute wyvern, the Deviljho features a forest green coloration with protruding muscles and a thick, leathery skin flushed with perilous spikes. Much like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Deviljho rolls with underdeveloped arms but huge legs, and its jaw holds rows of razor blade teeth.

  • When angry, the Deviljho swells its shoulders, and they flush brightly red.
  • Because of its rapid metabolism, the Deviljho is always on the hunt with the size of its prey a non-factor.
  • Since it has little range with its tiny arms, the Deviljho’s scary jaw can crush its prey and hunters with ease.
  • The Deviljho has a tendency to be pretty violent, and it can toss even large enemies without trouble.
  • Deviljho has the ability to jump excessive distances and heights (similar to Anjanath).
    • Additionally, the Deviljho can outpace most monsters of its size.
  • As hunters continue to damage the Deviljho, it can spew a Dragon Element stream attack toward those hunters, potentially resulting in a quick death.
  • The Deviljho will attempt to devour any beast in sight in order to restore its health.

The addition of the Deviljho is just the beginning of the monsters Capcom will be launching into Monster Hunter World. We’re excited for the battle. Let us know how you’re feeling about the Deviljho’s appearance, and be sure to read our Top 10 Monsters We Want to See in Monster Hunter World.

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