EA’s Aaryn Flynn took the stage today at Sony’s Playstation Meeting to show off what the 4K- and HDR-capable hardware of the PS4 Pro could do in the highly-anticipated upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda. 

The gameplay demo was really more of a tech demo, as the player took us on a leisurely stroll through a huge, dark, mechanized cavern. While still in pre-alpha stage, the game looked absolutely beautiful, despite a few stiff character animations. The lighting, atmospherics, and level of detail were breathtaking, and while there was no action gameplay show, we were treated to the rumored jump pack making its debut. On top of climbing over obstacles, players can now boost jump a small distance, an ability that I’m sure will be a hallmark of the new gameplay.

Mass Effect Andromeda Jump Pack Image

What was surprising was the level of mystery this demo showed, as Ryder’s team explored the unknown area. Ryder even stopped to take a few seconds and scan a plant, somehow alive despite its lack of sunlight and water. It had a very Metroid Prime feel to it, and if this glimpse is anything to go off of, Mass Effect Andromeda may have a more thoughtful and explorative aesthetic.

While brief, the demo looked very promising. Here’s to hoping we see more footage of this quality in the months to come before Mass Effect Andromeda’s scheduled release in March 2017.