In anticipation of its June 24th release date, Nintendo have today sent out further information and a bucketload of screenshots for the latest iteration in the Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games franchise for the Wii U.

Included in the announcement is the idea of ‘Duel Events’ – versions of rugby, football or beach volleyball wherein players build up duel points by tackling, shooting or spiking the ball and can then cash them in by scoring in the game. These sports are ‘spiced up’ with the addition of items like bullet bills and chaos emeralds.

There’s also a ‘Heroes Showdown’ mode, in which you join either Team Mario or Team Sonic. (Thereby finally forming palatable opposition to Teams Edward and Jacob.) Predictably, this mode has Amiibo integration, unlocking special leagues and costumes with specific Amiibo.

So, will the game be any good? Will it ever not be fun to beat Sonic in the 100m dash as Bowser? Will Nintendo decide to tackle the Brazilian humanitarian crisis surrounding the Games, perhaps using Waluigi as a revolutionary lynchpin to rail against rampant gentrification? Only time will tell. For now, here’s some screenshots!

Mario-Sonic-2016-Wii-U-62Guys, let’s not that spikey-backed one over this time. We’ve gone through thirteen volleyballs this week.

Mario-Sonic-2016-Wii-U-12Luigi there, rekindling the fond days of his youth where he could spear a man through the heart from a hundred feet away.

Mario-Sonic-2016-Wii-U-5The origin story of Waluigi’s emotional breakdown.


Mario-Sonic-2016-Wii-U-52“Well you know Jim, you really are expecting the goallie to save those kind of literal torpedo missile shots. The coach is going to be having stiff words with his charred corpse at half time.”

Mario-Sonic-2016-Wii-U-56Oh and Miis are back, for the four of you who play using their Mii.

Mario-Sonic-2016-Wii-U-7Good news for fans of Eggman’s creepy spindly legs, as they’ll also be returning.

Source, and even more screenshots: Perfectly Nintendo