Visitors to Battlefield’s website will now be greeted by a positively regal splash screen asserting that at 4pm EST on May 6th we’ll have a first glimpse at the “future of Battlefield”. This implies anew game announcement – with such pomp and circumstance regarding the announcement anything else would serve as a tremendous anti-climax. When you’ve got a timer on your website that counts down to the second, you’re not announcing a new grass texture.

The move comes not long after Battlefield devs mocked the reveal trailer for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, calling it “quaint” and adding “3 and a half minutes of CG. 🙂 Anyone got a link that shows the game?” Big talk, and you’d assume that DICE have got the substantial announcement to back up their claims. Hell, DICE Video and Media Editor Roland Smedberg went far enough to say “Come Friday the internet will melt”.

So, will DICE’s announcement really be enough to melt the internet? As a keen internet user, I sincerely hope not.