Leading maker of plastic guitars goes under.

Yesterday, March 31, Mad Catz Interactive announced that the company filed for bankruptcy protection. Mad Catz  was founded in the 90s as a gaming peripheral manufacturer building high end mice, gamepads, fight-sticks and keyboards. Mad Catz will probably be best remembered, though, for supplying the plastic instruments for the Rock Band series of games and, by extension, countless parties of the early 2000s.

After a long string of expensive failed projects the third-party controller and peripheral maker was forced to close its doors and begin liquidating assets. Most recently in 2015, Mad Catz supplied controllers and co-published the poorly received Rock Band 4. After the release of Rock Band 4, the game’s design studio, Harmonix, announced plans to have peripherals for future Rock Band games made by PDP instead of Mad Catz.
Mad Catz logo
Mad Catz Interactive is also the parent company of Tritton, a company best known for their gaming headsets. The announcement contained no specific plans for Tritton but under chapter 7 bankruptcy it is expected that subsidiaries be liquidated.