Who doesn’t love free games? As part of their “On the House” incentive, Origin is currently offering anyone with an account access to Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault free of charge. While the offer is for a limited time only, the game is yours to keep. No demo, no expiration date, just a free copy of the game at no cost.

MoH: Pacific Assault was released by Electronic Arts in November, 2004, and is the seventh installation in the acclaimed Medal of Honor series. Although it may be getting on in years, Pacific Assault  is a gripping and challenging first-person shooter that places you in the shoes of U.S. Marine Pvt. Thomas Conlin.  You journey starts during training and then kicks off when you arrive at Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7, 1941.

The game has been met with favorable reviews, with IGN giving it a 9/10 and GameSpot awarding it an 8.3/10. Whether you love war-era games or just can’t pass up a good offer, decide for yourself whether Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault lives up to its reviews by downloading it free here.