Microsoft rewards program lets the cat out of the bag…

The release dates for Mass Effect Andromeda and South Park: The Fractured but Whole  on XBOX may have just been leaked by their listings on the XBOX Rewards website. The Rewards program lists Andromeda as releasing on March 31 and South Park on March 30.

Officially EA has announced the release window for Andromeda as “early 2017” and Ubisoft has said South Park will be available in the first quarter of 2017.

To be fair, sites like the one for XBOX rewards program are often subject to change and can be inaccurate. The same page lists For Honor as releasing February 13 when that game is actually scheduled for February 14, for example. At the very least, though, this leak possibly narrows the release window for these two games significantly.

In the case of Andromeda, EA’s recent tease of and announcement at this years CES in January does seem to lend credence to the leak given the fact that CES is the only large press event between now and March.


How are you all feeling about this news?
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