Bring It On Thor!

Man I love being right. Two months ago I laid out the three most likely scenarios for where the God of War franchise could go, since Kratos had literally murdered every part of Greek mythology. I claimed that the series would most likely keep Kratos as a protagonist and transport him to a different mythos to continue his unending quest for vengeance. And if this leak is accurate, then we see Kratos battling Thor, Loki, and Odin.

Multiple sources have leaked information that Kratos may be heading to Norse mytholgy. First was industry insider Shinobi602 who mentioned the setting on twitter.

Once that happened, NerdLeaks posted a number of images that appear to be concept art from the upcoming title. Both the NerdLeaks site and Twitter account appear to be offline at the moment, but as you would expect,NeoGAF has archived the images for all to see.

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Keep in mind, this could all be a hoax.  But I for one am very excited about the prospects of a Kratos and Thor showdown.