Or, “$2000 (plus tax), A Space Odyssey”

Hideo Kojima, of Metal Gear and now Death Stranding fame, is well-known for being a ridiculously over-the-top kind of guy. This has usually been limited to his video games (though wearing a Death Stranding shirt before the game’s actual announcement is a pretty hysterical move on his part), but it seems that his wackiness has infected the merchandising of Kojima Productions. Why else would they announce open pre-orders for a five-foot, $2000 replica of their mascot?

I’m gonna be honest, folks, I got nothing. Like…seriously. This is that special mixture of awesome and just dumbfounding-I mean, you can’t really make a naked Norman Reedus or Guillermo del Toro figure, but this is still pretty much peak Kojima. There are rumors he’s actually Redus’s character in Death Stranding, but even then, it’s pretty unbelievable. At a limited 150-copy run and five feet tall in height, this would definitely be for diehard fans only…but I have to admit, it makes one hell of an icebreaker.

More details on the statue can be found at Sideshow Toys. Good lord, it has a payment plan. Imagine having to explain that bill.