For those who might be unaware. Kingsglaive is computer-animated film created by Square Enix and Visual Works. The story and setting of film is based on the 2016 video game Final Fantasy XV. Thematically this is also connected to the Fabula Nova Crystallis subseries. The events of the film take place alongside the events of the game. The focus of this film is around Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII, the father of FFXV lead character Noctis. The film was created along side another multimedia to take away the need for more games.


Kingsglaive released on the July 9th in Japan and will be making its way to North America on August 19th.

Square Enix announced in a press release that after 10 days in theaters the CGI movie has grossed 105, 611,860 yen. Converting that in US dollars would $994,584. While not huge when comparing it to the lastest Hollywood hits in the US, it is still an achievement. Considering that the film was only available at 44 theaters nationwide of Japan. It pulled in 70,133 fans within only the first 10 days.

Feedback of the film is also very positive.