The different worlds of Kingdom Hearts are always fun and entertaining. If fans had their way, Kingdom Hearts would be filled with any world imaginable. There are still limits, due to things like licensing. Here’s a list of four Worlds that will never be in Kingdom Hearts, but that I would love to see.



This is one mix that would be fun to play with. The shadows enemies of persona are very similar in context to the heartless. Seeing a crossover mix of the two designs of the different creatures would be interesting. Like other worlds. they could play with timeline to have a mix of favorite characters from both 3 & 4 (maybe 5 too).

The world itself being like a large version of television universe, though with mixed elements from other games. Areas of the world can be blocked by a fog that after completing different tasks could unlock them to allow for further exploration.

How about seeing Sora, Goofy and Donald fight their shadow selves? I know a shadow Sora was done in the Peter Pan world of the original Kingdom Hearts, but this version would be a grander and expanded version. Like the shadow selves of Persona 4, it could be used to show Sora’s doubt and guilt in a deep way. And same could be done for Goofy and Donald.


Really anything of DC Comics falls under the impossible, even more so with Disney owning the Marvel license. I chose Batman in part to personal bias and it would be so much fun. I do have some specifics on how I would like them to do it. Using Batman Animated Series style for the world in terms of look and designs. Sora could get his outfit to look similar to Robin.

Donald and Goofy could also don costumes similar to that of Nightwing, Redhood, or Batgirl, if they really want to have fun with it. As for villians, they could focus on just one, my pick being Joker. Or they could have a run through of multiple members of the Rouges gallery.

I think I would like to see the latter though, just to have the variety and once all the Rouges have been dealt with there could be an actually Kingdom Hearts related character that had been in control the entire time.

How to Train Your Dragon

I don’t know about anyone else, but I would love to ride around on Toothless, but How to Train Your Dragon is owned by Dreamworks, so it is another impossible. This, however, is more aligned with the style that a good chunk of Kingdom Hearts worlds originate from—kids’ animated films.

I think the interactions with Hiccup and Sora would be fun and interesting. Given the world, having dragon-type heartless and a giant dragon boss would be a lot of fun, though hopefully would not fall into similar pattern sets of Dragon Maleficent from Kingdom Hearts 1.

There might be a minor conflict at the start, even more so if the focus were on the events of the first movie. As with most Kingdom Heart storylines, introductory conflicts it would be resolved for them to face whatever big bad together.


Gravity Rush

The Nevi of Gravity and the Heartless of Kingdom Hearts could mesh perfectly. I think the same could be possible for the protagonists as well. Kat of Gravity Rush is such a laid back and open person. While she might be curious and suspicious of Sora, Donald, and Goofy at first, I can still see her quickly accepting them once she realizes they aren’t a threat.

Sora even has a similar personality of trusting and wanting to help people like Kat. Because Kat can hold her own, it would make her a great help in combat. Beyond the battlefield, she could use her gravitational abilities to traverse the world, explore, and unlock new areas.

These were for of the worlds that I would enjoy seeing in Kingdom Hearts that are currently impossible. What’s your Kingdom Hearts dream collaboration?