A Bloody Good Time

Reviewed on PC

Killing Floor 2 is a co-op shooter that has you fighting wave after wave of sick and disturbing enemies as they howl and screech towards you, looking to tear the flesh from your very bones. It’s a fast paced shooter with a wide variety of guns, classes, skills, and enemies that will always have you coming back for more.

Although Killing Floor 2 only has two game modes, it offers a wide variety of guns that always makes the gameplay refreshing and new. Different classes all play a vital role in surviving with your team, which also makes experimenting from one class to the other a breath of fresh air, as they are all unique in their own way. With that said, Killing Floor 2 offers a suspense filled yet satisfying and enjoyable experience. And playing with friends antes up the overall enjoyment.


Killing Floor 2 takes a huge graphical leap from its predecessor and upgrades the setting and weapons to look like they have come from a far sci-fi future. It stands out and looks visually appealing, all running in a brand new engine.

The first thing you notice about Killing Floor 2 are the classes. All of the classes are different from one to the other; they provide excellent synergy together and are vital to scraping your way to the final boss. Classes range from a melee weapon’s specialist, to a medic, a pyro, assault weapons expert, and so much more. They are all different, so if you are getting tired of one class, you can switch to the next, creating longevity.

Guns and melee weapons feel very satisfying and all pack a punch in their own way. Slicing through zeds with the katana like butter or mowing them down, as blood and gore explodes in a gruesome yet marvelous scene has you feeling like an unstoppable killing machine, especially with Killing Floor 2’s impressive gore system that was built from the ground up. Guns range from assault rifles, flamethrowers, grenades, and more. The choices feel as endless as enemies keep appearing.



Killing Floor 2 never feels like it cheats you into death. There is a lot to take into consideration in trying to survive, especially on the higher difficulties, which are downright brutal. Perfect teamwork, high level characters, impeccable team communication, and managing your team’s economy is essential to surviving. The first zeds you encounter are very easy to deal with, but as each wave come and goes, enemies begin to get stronger until you run into some of the more powerful zeds, such as fleshpounds, which can easily wipe out a single player with ease. These type of enemies are when teamwork is essential.

Level designs are very well done and are created so there is always an entry and exit wherever you are, so if you have a horde on your tail, you can guarantee you won’t run into a dead end. They are also designed to make camping almost impossible, as levels always have an angle for zeds to flank you, not including below and above. There are a few exceptions that make camping easier, though. As hordes get bigger, the game really begins to pick up the pace and force you on your toes, especially if you are the last player alive, and all your dead teammates’ eyes are spying on you, as you have dozens of zeds right behind you, chasing you to your last breath… you are the last hope for your team to fight on.


Killing Floor 2 really shines when you start having access to more abilities, increases to your weapon damage and health recovery rate, etc. as you will be able to have a better fighting chance and start fighting hordes on higher difficulties. Killing Floor 2 does have a second game mode, which puts 2 teams against each other, one playing as humans and the other playing as zeds. The mode is fun to try out, but it is overshadowed by the main game mode. Killing Floor 2 might not be a game you stick around with for long and most likely will be a game you play for short bursts, put away for a while and eventually come back to unless you are one of those diehard fans. If you play with friends, sessions can be a real time sinker. It is also a great game to quickly kill some time if needed.

Overall, Killing Floor 2 is a fantastic fast paced, horde based shooter, which is great fun with friends and even random players. Combat is extremely satisfying, especially while rocking out to metal Christian music, which adds a nice touch to the whole demonic slaying thing. It may not grab your attention for long since it is lacking with modes, but it will be a game that will always have you coming back, especially with its wide array of classes and weapons.

Killing Floor 2 Review
Variety of Classes and WeaponsGreat Visuals and PresentationKiller Soundtrack
Limited modes