A general area for the fighting game community arrives to Bit Cultures! Button Check will provide you with all your FGC needs as well as some Esports coverage. We will be bringing you everything from player highlights, interviews, tournament details, articles, and much more.

A documentary style video series showcasing some players from the local South Florida fighting game scenes (Smash 4, Mortal Kombat, Melee, Street Fighter, Persona, etc.) is also under way.

In displaying both rising and already established competitors, it will give the world a small sample of how strong and diverse our region is.

We will primarily be posting everything on our twitter @BC_ButtonCheck with further plans to have a Button Check page on the Bit Cultures website when more content is produced. Being that this is going to be hugely driven by the community, please feel free to tweet us out about anything that you feel should be covered or brought to people’s attention (local events, tourneys, special merch, notable players, etc.) and we’ll do our best to make note of it.

We’re very excited about bringing a little FGC flavor to Bit Cultures and more importantly providing you, the people, a specific area for discussion. Everything is still in its early stages, but in the meantime follow us @BC_ButtonCheck for updates on everything we’ll be working and the current happenings in the fighting game scene. Until next time, stay godlike and keep pressing buttons!