Welcome to Bit Cultures!

It’s our absolute pleasure to welcome every one of you to something that began as a fun side project and quickly became something bigger than we could’ve imagined. If you’re a gamer, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you played games when you were younger or just started playing recently. Whether you consider yourself a hardcore gamer or a casual player. Regardless of where you fit in the spectrum of gaming culture, this site is dedicated to all of you.

It all began with an idea: “Hey, we should make a video game website.” A few of us came up with the concept and soon started to enlist the help of friends, who all shared the same love for one thing in particular, Gaming. But, as time went on, we realized we’d stumbled upon something very special. We knew we had the drive and potential to create something much more than just a blog and just a concept. So day after day, our ambitions grew and so did our staff. We scouted the webisphere and found some of the most talented writers and content creators from all over the globe. Bit Cultures took on a life of its own and the end result is what you see today.

So, what can you expect from Bit Cultures? Well, pretty much everything! On staff we have some of the most talented and knowledgeable group of gamers we could’ve ever hoped for and they all have something to say about video games. You can expect everything from Reviews, Classic Reviews, Features, Top 10s, Video Reviews, Twitch Streams, Giveaways, Let’s Plays, Game Music, Contests, Fan Art, Cosplays and so much more! Our goal is not only to entertain you but to give every gamer a voice, and we can’t wait to hear yours.


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