“Don’t get upset about losses, EVERYBODY starts bad.”

Justin Lew, more commonly known as Nick Riddle, is a competitive Smash player based in the South Florida region. Riddle is widely considered to be among the best Zero Suit Samus players in the United States, alongside Nairo. His accolades range from placements in the “Top 8” slots of national competitions (such as CEO) to multiple First Place victories in Versus Gaming Center weekly tournaments. Widely revered for his Smash 4 techniques, he is additionally a talented Brawl and Project Melee player, securing numerous top placements in each game. I have personally watched the man shit-talk players directly to the dumpster, then sit down with a strong sense of humility and coach/spar with randoms. Nick Riddle is certainly a threat you don’t want to encounter in bracket. Fans, newcomers, and anyone else seeking to learn more can follow Nick Riddle here: @VS_NickRiddle

Who or what inspired you to play Smash competitively?

As cliche as it is, I watched the DBR video Shined Blind.  Loved it, found SWF (Smashboards) and found a nearby tournament.

How did you place in that first tournament and who did you use?

I know I made it out of pools and then got destroyed… I do not remember the exact placing.  I used Melee Marth.

Humble beginnings, huh? I mean, just 2 months ago, you placed top 8 at CEO. Anyway, the name “NickRiddle,” is there a story behind that?

Very humble, I never placed in the money during Melee.
Anyways, I was playing an MMORPG, Maple Story, and I didn’t want people to know my name.  I like the name Nicholas, and my identity was unknown, like the answer to a Riddle.  Little known fact, my alias has a middle name; the S stands for Shadow a la the Hedgehog… back then I liked Sonic Adventure 2 a little too much.

What made you decide to main Zero Suit Samus? 

I used ZSS’s down smash in Brawl and thought it was the best thing ever.

Wow, haha. Fair enough! What do you think NickRiddle is most known for? I’ve heard people talk about your tech skill as well as your sense of humor and uh.. loudness. What do you think?

I have tech skill?
I am probably most known as a trash-talker until you get to know me, then I’m a very loud guy who tries to look out for everybody in the community.
There is a reason my close Smash friends call me Papa Riddle, I take care of my “kids.”

Speaking of the community, what are your thoughts of the Smash community? Do you think SFL is best? Do you have any rivals?

The Smash community is the best community in the world. SFL is probably a top 3 mini-region. Rivals? Not really, at least I don’t consider anybody a rival of sorts.

Do you have a most memorable set?

Me vs. Ally at MLG. That was pretty much my breakthrough victory… and to this day it was the best I have ever played relative to the upper echelon.

Tell me about the set, is there video of it?

Yes, it is on VGBC’s (Video Game Boot Camp) channel, one of their first tournaments if I recall correctly… I haven’t watched it in a long time, I just remember it was glorious.  It is where my catchphrase, “I’m kinda the best in the world,” comes from.

Game 2 of set found here

My next question was inquiring about your proudest smash moment. Is it safe to assume the same answer applies?

Watching my brother ESAM grow into a super-top level player.

I’m sure he’d say the same about you! Do you compete in anything else aside from Sm4sh?

I used to do Melee and PM (project melee). I am probably going to slowly reintegrate into PM.  I want to start playing Pokemon and Splatoon semi-seriously. I was going to play Street Fighter 5 but with the announcement of Pokken coming to Wii U, I feel like I’m just going to dive head first into that game instead.

NickRiddle in Pokken? Hype. Who are you top and bottom 5 of Sm4sh characters?

Top 5:
Bottom 5: (From 5th worst to worst)
Dr. Mario
Wii Fit Trainer

What advice would you give a newcomer to smash to help them get better?

1. Find your local scene.
2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
3. Play everybody you can
4. Play to learn, not to win
5. Don’t get upset about losses, EVERYBODY starts bad.

Lastly, what can we expect from NickRiddle in the coming year?

I’m going to be traveling a little less due to work, but I’m going to be streaming by the end of the year.  I am going to do my best to keep myself in top form so that when I travel I body people.

Haha, fair enough! Looking forward to your stream.