This week we reach 100 episodes for Road to VGC Worlds 2016!

To celebrate, Arash Ommati, the current German National Champion AND former 2013 Masters World Champion has kindly agreed to do an interview and play a friendly Bo3 match against me!

He will be using his Nationals winning team featuring Jumpluff! A Pokemon we all love to see as it’s definitely out of the norm in terms of popular VGC16 support Pokemon!

Paired with Groudon’s ability, Chlorophyll makes Jumpluff faster than even boosted Xerneas, which means it can Encore them into Geomancy or potentially put anything to Sleep with Sleep Powder!

I hope you enjoy the video and the commentary of what goes through my head during the games. Please leave a comment if you have sort of feedback or criticism, I’ll be very happy to hear it!