Microsoft is no stranger to indies, so it was unsurprising to see them featured at this year’s E3. Audiences will be pleased to finally have a release date (June 29th) for Inside, developed by PlayDead the same developer that brought you Limbo. A fact that Microsoft is fully aware of which is why Limbo will now be free on Xbox One until June 20th.

A new trailer has yet to be shown but you can watch a previous trailer of the game here:

A trailer for We Happy Few was also shown along with the promise of a more in depth preview this July. We Happy Few will come to Xbox One console first, making it a timed exclusive. You can watch that trailer, along with a snippet from E3, here:

And in the spirit of last year’s E3, Microsoft provides another indie games trailer jam packed with games to look forward to in the year(s) to come.