World of Goo paired with 5 Lizard

Developed by 2D Boy, this puzzle game globbed its way into the hearts of many, as early as 2008. Originally released for PC/Wii, this game has since been made available to OS X, iOS, Linux, Android, and Blackberry OS. World of Goo will even be making its way to the Nintendo Switch come March 3rd, 2017. So what about this game has made it stand the test of time?

Let’s start with some background.

World of Goo is all about making structures by manipulating goo balls on screen (via dragging and dropping them in different locations).

The game contains 5 chapters, and each chapter contains several levels. Your goal, in each level, is to get X amount of goo balls into the exit pipe. Each level presents its own environmental challenges, and, throughout the game, players are introduced to different types of gooeach with their own functions. An early in game example is Fisty’s Bog, where players must construct a bridge to reach the pipe and use balloon-like goo to keep the bridge from sinking, while being careful not to raise the bridge too high (causing the “balloon goo” to pop). I struggled with this for longer than I’d like to admit.

As a first time player of World of Goo (thanks to the Humble Freedom Bundle), I’d say this lives up to the hype. I adored the physics aspect of these puzzles. World of Goo reminds me of those science class chapter introduction activities where you see who can build the tallest house of cards or the largest structure with toothpicks and marshmallows. It’s fun, engaging, and brings out my stubborn side in the best way. Because while you may only need to get (for example) 5 goo into the pipe, I loved trying to get as many as possible. I even spent 35 minutes on a single level trying to get more goo balls to the exit. This game tempts everyone’s inner-completionist without making players feel obligated to go above-and-beyond. 

Lastly, I’m not a big sound person when it comes to games, but World of Goo’s soundtrack is worth noting. It feels like I’m on a grandiose yet lighthearted adventure. And the sound effects the little goo balls make is adorable.

The whole experience is oddly therapeutic to me.

The premise of goo traversing natural/environmental landscapes reminded me of the green label that wraps around 5 Lizard beer.

World of Goo is known as a fun little indie with enough gameplay intrigue to hold the interest of even the most seasoned gamer. I think of 5 Lizard similarly, with its low ABV (4.3%) and dynamic flavors. Brewed by 5 Rabbit Cerverceria, a latino owned brewery in Bedford Park, IL, 5 Lizard is a Latin Style Witbier. A Witbier is a Belgian Style Ale: cloudy and pale in look, crisp and twangy in taste. For beer drinkers who are mostly accustomed to/fond of the distinct taste of hops, Wits are a bit of a dice roll. 5 Lizard, in my opinion, is one of the more approachable Wits because it’s brewed with coriander, lime peel, and passion fruit. This offsets the typical “witibier twang,” that some people are turned off by with more of a fruit flavor. In fact, this beer tastes more like a sour than a wit.

World of Good and 5 Lizard go well together because both are fun and highly approachable (puzzle games and Witibiers, respectively).