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Casual gaming has gone a rye in I am Bread. Assuming rolls from bagels to baguettes, you spend a lot of time loafing around large 3D levels and bear clawing your way to your destinations while dealing with difficult controls. The epic portions make you feel like an edible Indiana Jones as you enrich your understanding of weird, Slinky meets Tom Cruise, attached-to-a-skyscraper-with-suction-cups style physics. With limited grip, you doughnut want to get caught in a free fall to the bare floor making you ineligible to achieve your endgame of becoming tasty toast. Unsuspecting power-ups like a broken bottle of jam will allow you to coat yourself and bread stick around when you need to relax your trigger fingers.


In I am Bread, there is a multi-grain of different a la modes to choose from. The story mode tarts you off as a slice of bread while you play the ever adventurous Nathan Drake of the kitchen and explore different rooms of a house in your effort to get cooked. The bagel racing levels give you surprisingly better balance as you croissant the map at lightning speeds. The levels entitled Rampage have you pound cake glass and other things into oblivion as a baguette with the object of destroying everything. It is Master Chief meets Master Chef in the zero gravity levels as you are equipped with boosters and encrusted with the mission to get blazed-evenly on both sides.

The environments in I am Bread are pita together in such a way that you need to use your wheats to get around. Some levels will take you at yeast a few tries to fritter them out.
The frustrating controls of the story mode will curb your enthusiasm to finish it in one sitting as they get stale. If you fail any story level three times, you are presented with a shiny item that pumpernickels you up with invincibility and infinite grip making finishing that stage cake. Once you have bun to most of the settings, you’ll notice they are distinctly filled with still life where your interaction is the only thing compelling anything to move at all. While the music in I am Bread is pleasant, the largely inanimate levels make the auditory experience crumby.

Playing I am Bread can be both sweet and sourdough, but you definitely will feel the game was made waffle love. There is a lot of attention to detail pancaked into each level. Although the game may leave you in a pretzel during some stages as you get stuck between a crumpet and hard place, there is always a different mode to panini the game in to bruschetta your skills. If you ever get really good, or really bad–you may want to get on YouTube or Twitch to show a pizza of the I am Bread action to your friends.

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I Am Bread Review
Tons of modes with distinct styles of game play.The environments are large and detailed.Sharing the experience of this game with your friends can be entertaining.
The controls are very hard to get used to.The game can feel like a ghost town. You are tasked often with bringing your own fun.While the camera is good most of the time, sometimes it can make playing really difficult.
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