Love is all you need

Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day for romance and passion, a day of cute cards, tasty chocolates, and oversized teddy bears. It’s also time for another tradition, though this one can be enjoyed whether you’re with your special someone or living the single life: The Humble Bundle Valentine’s Day Sale.The Sale, which runs through February 17, 2017, has a variety of love related-games to explore. We’ve got everything from visual novels (Roommates, Ladykiller in a Bind) to fighting games (Arcana Heart 3) to heartwrenchers (Gone Home and To The Moon) to the genre I like to call “screen-breakers” (I Am Bread, Surgeon Simulator). Their definition of “love” is pretty loose, based on those last two, but Humble Bundle has brought together a good mix of heavy-hitters and hidden gems in this sale.

I’m particularly happy they chose to include the indie comic book Love is Love in this sale, as the comic is an extremely touching tribute to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida last year. It’s a nice gesture to say the least, and Humble Bundle donates all proceeds from the comic to the victims’ families as well as survivors, so it’s definitely worth the $5.99 they’re charging.

You can find the sale here!