Pokemon Go, ever since its release last week, has been sweeping the nation and getting people of all ages up and out of the house, looking for Pokemon. Kids and parents alike have been exploring street corners, national parks, and even businesses to find and catch ’em all.

A fan favorite among the Pokemon community, Eevee, has become a point of confusion, as trainers have struggled in trying to understand how to get their desired “Eeveelution”, or one of the three available evolutions of the cute little creature. Theories were tried, and everything from what move it knows to what you have registered in your PokeDex was tested.

One trainer on the Pokemon Go Subreddit by the name of smithnigel made an observation that every Eevee named after one of the Eevee Brothers in the original Pokemon anime seemed to evolve into the brother’s corresponding Eeveelution. This means that every Eevee named “Sparky” would evolve into a Jolteon, every Eevee named “Rainer” would evolve into a Vaporeon, and every Eevee named “Pyro” would evolve into a Flareon.

In layman’s terms, if you want a specific Eeveelution, then follow these simple steps:

  • In Pokemon GO, catch an Eevee and make sure you have the appropriate amount of candies for evolution: 25!
  • Next, go ahead and use the edit function to edit your Eevee’s nickname in the Pokemon summary screen.
    • For the electrifying Jolteon, use the nickname “Sparky
    • For the majestic Vaporeon, use the nickname “Rainer
    • And for the fiery Flareon, use the nickname “Pyro
  • After confirming that the nickname has been set, be sure to force close and restart the app. This will make sure that your Eevee’s nickname has been reported to the server without problems.
  • Go ahead and evolve your Eevee, and enjoy your new Eeveelution!

Your Eeveelution does not have to keep the name it used to evolve, although this was definitely a fun way to remind us of the old episodes of the Pokemon anime, which, by the way, are up on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. What an awesome throwback!