Here is a quick tutorial on how to get Hyper DBZ and how to run it on your computer. It only runs on Windows.

This is Hyper DBZ. It is probably one of the best Dragon ball Z games ever made. It was created on M.U.G.E.N. engine by a group of fans that go by the name of Team Z2. The game has been in production for several years. They are working very hard to get content out that every DBZ fan would love, from awesome, fluid and beautiful animations to Goku’s cheesy comments. The fan service is just outstanding.

The fighting style of the game is very fast paced. It has an insane combo system with plenty of combinations. the game has a Capcom feel to it. Every character is been animated to be unique, so no 2 characters will feel the same.

I am telling you, you should be excited for Hyper Dragon Ball Z.

Download the demo here:

Download WinRAR here: