A Fun-Looking Knightmare

Hollow Knight, the crowdfunded platformer from the indie developer Team Cherry, just dropped the game’s release trailer ahead of its February 24th, 2017 launch date.

By the looks of it, players take on the role of a mysterious knight slicing and dicing his way through what the trailer calls “A World of Insects and Heroes.” Players can explore what appears to be a vast landscape with all sorts of cool places to visit (with names like “City of Tears” and “Forgotten Crossroads” to boot). The titular character can get new powers as they go along, ranging from the usual platforming wall jump to a rocket-like burst that can propel them across spiky chasms. There’s a bartering system, Metroidvania-styled gameplay, clever-looking boss battles, and a dark, cartoony aesthetic that comes off like a cross between Castlevania (naturally), Shovel Knight, and Shantae.I’m gonna be honest here, folks, this is a pleasant surprise. I’d never heard of this game before stumbling upon the trailer earlier today, and I’m kicking myself for not finding out about it sooner. It looks like a genuine blast, with a solid amount of depth to its mechanics as well as its story and world. Time will tell how the game fares, but either way, the trailer certainly impresses.

Hollow Knight ventures onto Steam, Humble Bundle, and GOG on February 24, 2017. It will also launch on the Nintendo Switch at some point this year.

Source: Hollow Knight