Witness the Violence Within the Shadows

IO Interactive has released a new trailer for its new stealth game, Hitman, ahead of its beta on February 12th.  The trailer shows no gameplay, but focuses on the role of assassination in world politics.  The narrator slowly recounts past times that assassins have influenced the world, subtly referencing past Hitman missions.  My favorite call backs are the KGB general from Hitman 2 and the stolen microfilm from Hitman:Blood Money.  The trailer also alludes to the variety of assassination techniques you can employ.  From the brute who murders all in his path to the silent assassin.

Hitman has been under the microscope lately since the revelation of its new release schedule.  Rather than being released as a single full-fledged AAA game, Hitman will now be released in an episodic format.  The season will begin on March 11th, with the first episode costing fifteen dollars.  Each subsequent episode will cost ten dollars and reveala new location with new targets and missions.  You can preorder and purchase all the episodes at once or buy the game piecemeal for a total of sixty five dollars.  Preordering grants access to the beta on February 12th.

I am a longtime fan of the Hitman franchise and was very excited for this game since it was revealed at E3.  The release change has lessened my enthusiasm, but hopefully the delays will lead to a better game, as opposed to a rushed out and inferior product.  What do you think?  Has the episodic release schedule soured Hitman for you?