“I Bludgeoned A Baby Seal With Another Baby Seal

In preparation of a future contract, Hitman developer asks you to choose between Lethal Weapon‘s Gary Busey and Veep’s Gary Cole as an in-game target for Agent 47.

Planned as a summer release, players can cast their vote via the studio’s official “choose your hit” site.  The hilarious video above introduces the potential targets, who offer some hilarious and cringeworthy reasons why you should vote for them.

Brief bios for each actor were also released, with Lethal Weapon actor Gary Busey vying “for the role of a lifetime: your target. If you’re ready for a vicious, intimate, perplexing fight to the death, choose Busey.” Cole, meanwhile, “doesn’t care if you vote for him or not. In fact, he doesn’t care about you at all. Because he’s better than you.”

Hitman’s first episode set in Paris debuted with positive reception last month.  The next episode is set in Italy and will be released sometime in April.  Click here for our review of the first Hitman episode.