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Platinum Games’ Xbox One exclusive title Scalebound was recently cancelled with very little fanfare, following reports and rumors swirling around the game’s troubled production and various delays. Hideki Kamiya (the game’s director and one of the heads of Platinum Games) took to Twitter to apologize, saying he didn’t want to “bring (gamers) such bad news at the start of the year” and promising to keep making fun games in the future. He also refuted rumors that the game’s production was halted due to his taking time off for mental reasons.

It’s definitely a shame that a game this promising was cancelled, and it’s clear to see that Kamiya and the developers at Plaitnum seem to be the ones most upset with the game’s unfortunate fate. With NieR Automata and a spinoff of the mobile game Granblue Fantasy on the horizon, though, hopefully they can swing back into their groove and find an idea that works for them for a future IP.

Source: Push Square