Halo Wars 2 the new real-time strategy game for PC and Xbox One is set to be released next month. The publisher, Microsoft, has released a multiplayer demo that introduces players to the action of HW2 called ” Halo Wars Blitz”.

Halo Wars Blitz is a free to play game for anyone with Windows 10 or Xbox Live Gold. Players can experience a card based RTS. Picking from a random pack of cards, balancing their attack, defense, and the demo is strictly player vs player for now but there will be another mode to have player vs AI when the game finally launches.

For fans who are new to the Real Time Strategy genre, Halo Wars Blitz has a low learning curve: taking players directly into the fight against other players. On the contrary, those that are RTS veterans will be able to take the opportunity to think of deeper strategies throughout the various kinds of cards in the deck, counter plays, and even more.

Halo Wars Blitz will be available until January 30th. Check out the Halo Blitz Gameplay here: