Cup Noodle Quest DLC Still Unconfirmed

While Final Fantasy XV made its way to bestsellers lists worldwide upon its release (and garnering generally positive reviews along the way), its success didn’t stop some players from criticizing the title for some of its iffier elements (story elements dropping out midway, some frustrating gameplay scenarios, etc). Hajime Tabata, the game’s director, has been open about his plans to add in more content to fill in the gaps XV left upon launch, and he reiterated this point in a new interview with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu.

On top of his previous promises to add in new story and gameplay fixes to the game, Tabata explained to Famitsu that the XV team plans on adding more in the way of “scale and comfort” to the game’s more linear areas, as well as hopes for adding in special events and enemies based on enemies from Final Fantasy Vs. XIII, the original game that XV sprang to life from. He also hinted at the team adding in the option to make your own character within the game (possibly for multiplayer purposes) as well as virtual reality content, though he didn’t provide much in the way of details as to how either of those would play out.

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