Amazon has lowered the price on one of the best games of 2015…

The ubiquitous online storefront Amazon is offering a massive discount on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Definitive Edition. The edition includes The Phantom Pain and Ground Zeroes including all DLC for both games and is available on all platforms for $30 via Amazon.


One notable omission from the collection is the infamous Mission 51 video which ties up some key plot threads but was removed from the game proper and only included on a separate Blu Ray disk in a collector’s edition. Neither a playable version of the mission nor the previously released video are included in this version of the game.

The Phantom Pain was the last Metal Gear game directed by Hideo Kojima who had been associated with the series for over a decade. Kojima has since left Konami, Metal Gear’s developer/publisher, and is hard at work on the bizarre Death’s Stranding.

For their part. Konami is developing and alternate universe Metal Gear game featuring zombie hordes, Metal gear Survive.