Weathering The Storm

Microsoft has announced that its Xbox One exclusive, Gears of War 4, will be released on October 11th. The game, which was first shown at E3 last year, was originally announced as a holiday release, but Microsoft has apparently pushed it forward. Also, the cover art for the new game premiered on Entertainment Weekly.

Studio head Ron Fergusson had this to say: “‘Weathering the storm’ was sort of our line for the key art … because we wanted that idea that the environment and the weather in particular is a big part of Gears 4 and how it affects the characters and the story and the gameplay. “Having the three heroes on there was important, and then allowing them to showcase what’s new and represent themselves we thought would be cool.”

The multiplayer beta for Gears of War will be available from April 18-April 24, for gamers who have logged into Xbox Live and played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on either Xbox One or Windows 10 prior to 11pm PDT on April 11. Anyone with a qualifying XBox Live Gold Membership will be able to play on April 25th. The beta will run until May 1st.