The Conclusion To Michonne’s Miniseries, Agent 47 Travels To Italy, and Early Access to A New Samurai Franchise

April 26th….amazing, not only because it’s my brothers birthday, but because three awesome games are released today. Most notable is the second episode of Hitman, IO Interactive’s AAA franchise. Hitman developers announced earlier this year that Hitman was shifting to an episodic format. Many were worried about the quality of these episodes, since the game was not finished. But, at least to me, the first episode put the doubters to shame. I reviewed the premiere episode and loved it. “Hitman is the game that every Blood Money fan wanted. It successfully creates an engaging sandbox for Agent 47 to explore, and it rewards you for your patience, planning, and acumen. ”

HITMAN Episode Two: Sapienza

We’ll have to see if the second episode continues the strong premiere. Instead of a glamorous fashion show, Agent 47 travels to the sandy shores of Sapienza, Italy. Agent 47 is hunting a biochemist who has created a bio-terror weapon. Sapienza should be a much larger map than Showstopper from the first episode. Also, the Playstation 4 exclusive content, Sarajevo Six, will be available today as well. The launch trailer below highlights the size and variety of disguises in Sapienza.

The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 3

The final episode for Telltale’s Michonne miniseries debuts today as well. Michonne is a three episode miniseries focuses on the popular character from Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead comics. Michonne is also featured in the tv show adaptation of the comic series on AMC. These episodes have been more combat oriented than the past Telltale Walking Dead seasons. The Walking Dead Season 3 has been announced and will be released sometime in 2016.

Ni-Oh Beta

Finally, the beta for the PS4 exclusive action RPG, Nioh, releases today. In my preview, I wrote that Nioh looks like a combination of a Geralt of Rivia-esque protagonist, Dark Souls combat, and samurai swords. Which sounds like an amazing game. We’ll have to see how the beta plays, but I’m looking forward to this based on this gameplay trailer.

Other notables this week include the physical copy of the fantastic Telltale game, Tales of the Borderlands. There’s also a new chapter of King’s Quest, so it’s a week for episodic gaming fans. Magic Circle, an interesting first-person puzzle game set inside a game stuck in development hell. The dark adventure Corpse Party will make its debut on PC and Severed, a stylish action game for the Vita.

Let us in know in the comments what games you’ll be playing this week. I for one, will be sniping targets from afar as Agent 47 and slaughtering monsters in Nioh.